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The blog of an occupational therapist with oppositional defiant disorder.

Supporting #Gilas despite my rough history with basketball and my being a big fan of the opposing nation’s football team. I guess I just love the Philippines more. Lays Messi is not impressed, but @danielleescano  and San Miguel Beer are. Lol. #puso #fiba

Lucy (2014 film)

CAUTION: MODERATE SPOILERS. Stop reading immediately if you have yet to watch this movie.

1. Why would anyone create a recreational drug as potent as the one in the movie? Take note, it was made from 6-month pregnant mothers so why go through all that bother if only to get high? May shabu naman. Blue meth, sige na.
2. Why didn’t Lucy kill the Chinese mob boss and his Paris henchmen when she had no trouble killing the ones in Taipei and shooting a non-English speaking cabbie and an unconscious cancer patient while she was there?
3. Lucy’s shoes and dress were seen but her undies weren’t. Does this mean she went commando for most of the movie?

Post-movie musings of someone who is biased towards Limitless. On the positive side, I do agree that time is the sole unit of measure for the universe. The old gods of the North are right. What ScarJo did in this movie, Bran Stark did first in A Dance With Dragons. But that’s already spoiler territory.

The birthday siblings blowing Aliza’s candle.

The color that tough guys wear…or so the early 2000s claim. La Liga season starts tonight and I’m supporting #FCBarcelona. #LigaBBVA #Barça

Water Run Jakarta (24 August 2014)

I thought my race last mid June (HaloFit Run) was bad but that was just stomach distress. For the Water Run, so much more went wrong:
1. They did not have a baggage counter so I had to carry my bag through the race (something I never do but fine, charge to experience).
2. The official start time was 6 AM. It started at 7.
3. Running with an ill-fitting bag, as I expected, sucks.
4. I felt the need to void my bowels again despite having already gone earlier and that was the last straw. I stopped at 3K.

Last negative feedback: The guards almost did not let me in for not wearing the event shirt, another thing that I stopped doing since late last year.

On the plus side, the event seemed really fun. No, it was fun. Everybody, emcees and staff included, were shooting at everybody with water guns. Everybody was lively and happy. I just felt too uncomfortable to continue, and based on no. 4, I think this day just isn’t a good one for me to race.

Race rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I know I still have a lot to improve in terms of format and content but consider this my first ever race review.

#ThrowbackThursday entry: Dat fateful night with Esifor 06. 
1. Grarvey officially came out as a couple. 
2. “Hindi mapatol [yun] sayo.”
3. I looked like I had half a lechon baboy for second breakfast, the other half I ate during the first, and with extra Mang Tomas.
4. This was taken a week before the board exam and this was the only time I went to a party for the whole review season. Thanks to this night I was able to relax and thus pass.
After overthinking for weeks on whether or not to sign up for #BaliMarathon, it took me less than a day to register and book a two-way flight and an overnight hotel stay. Finally going to achieve that runner milestone of traveling by plane and staying at a hotel near the race venue! Better yet, I’m getting to see (and race in) that so-near-yet-so-far Bali at last!
"Pick up the nearest book to you, turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life."

Nice to have Omerta by Mario Puzo by my bedside! I picked it up (and saw the page 45 challenge on 9gag at the same time) because I needed to remind myself to shut up over some political issues as of late. And here’s what I found. @danielleescano
An attempt to go to church alone, 15 minutes before the mass, and on Indonesian Independence Day got me having breakfast in Menteng instead. Sorry Lord, di na po abot sa homily. Mamayang hapon na lang po. (at Ya Kun Kaya Toast Menteng Central)
I have to give it to the race organizers in #Jakarta. Its running community is still developing compared to that of Manila but they, for some reason, always pick nice venues for racepack collection. This one is for #WaterRun. Admiring the view rather than the freebies in the racepack (which includes a water gun btw). (at Kuningan City)